Influences That Made Matrix

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The Matrix movie had a lot of background influence from previous history, theories, religions, mythology, and the likes. Here are some of them as enumerated:
a.) Judaism
b.) Messianism
c.) Buddhism
d.) Gnosticism
e.) Christianity
f.) Existentialism
g.) Nihilism
h.) Vedanta
i.) Advaita Hinduism
j.) Yoga Vashishta Hinduism
k.) Sikhism and the Tarot
l.) Plato’s Allegory of the cave
m.) Edwin Abbott Abbott’s Flatland
n.) René Descartes’s evil genius
o.) Kant’s reflections on the Phenomenon versus the Ding an sich and the brain in a vat thought experiment
p.) Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation
q.) cyberpunk works such as Neuromancer by William Gibson

Matrix Plot (Part 3 of 6)

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When Neo agreed to join the team, he was trained to become a member of the group. A socket at the back of his skull allows knowledge to be uploaded into his mind. Through the connection, he learned martial arts disciplines and even demonstrates his fighting skills by sparring with Morpheus in the virtual reality that is somewhat similar to the Matrix. He impressed the group with his speed. In his future trainings, Neo was introduced to the dangers inside the Matrix. The injuries he suffered are like in the real world, which means that if he is killed inside the Matrix, his physical body will also die.

Did You Know? Matrix Movie Trivias I

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• The Part of Neo was originally offered to Ewan McGregor. Titanic Star Leonardo DiCaprio was also considered for the Matrix lead role.

• Actor/Rap star Will Smith admitted in an interview with Wired Magazine that he was not smart enough as an actor when he turned down the offer to play the role of Neo.

• From October 1997 to March 1998, the main actors spent four months to familiarize themselves and study martial arts with experts to learn the fight moves. The actors actually though that it will only take them a few weeks. The training took place before the filming of the movie.

Matrix Reloaded Banned in Egypt

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Did you know that The Matrix Reloaded was banned in Egypt?

Madkour Thabit, the head of the film censorship group in Egypt banned the movie from release in the country because of religious reasons. Though the committee claimed that the violence in the movie had a small impact on their judgement, the main reason for banning was the openly religious themes that permeate the plot. The statement released by the groups stated that Matrix Reloaded movie discussed the themes of “the creator and his creations, searching for the origin of creation and the issue of compulsion and free will.” The group felt that this was not a healthy line of thought for a religiously appropriate upbringing.


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ザイオンは、全世界を巻き込んだ人類と機械の核戦争の後、地球上に最後に残された人類の都市です。 国連軍が建国されたばかりの機械の国、ゼロワンに総攻撃をかけた後、 人類と機械の間で 地球の支配権をかけた核戦争が勃発しました。 指導者たちも含むほとんどの人類は、勝ち残るのは機械側であることを予想していました。そのため、人類だけの都市を地下に作っておくことにしたのです。 そして、戦争は機械側の勝利に終わりました。 人類は強制的に、新しい領地に移り住まなくてはならなくなりました。 しかしそこは、人類の生存にとって非常に厳しい環境でした。 生き残った者たちは捕らえられ、バイオマシンに入れられてマトリックスに接続されました。二度と機械に刃向かえないようにされたのです。 ところが、23人の人間が「救世主」と呼ばれる謎の人物によって自由になります。 彼はザイオンの建設に協力し、地熱を利用したエネルギーを使って都市を運営していたのです。 彼はザイオンの完成に向けて人々を奮い立たせマトリックスの内外で機械との戦いを続けていました。 しかし、マトリックスの住人がそのサイバーな牢獄から脱出し機械との戦争に賭けるため立ち上がった直後、「救世主」は死亡します。

The Matrix Reloaded – City of Zion Part II

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Along came King David. A direct ancestor of Jesus Christ, David was born around 1040BC and grew up as a simple shepherd. David defeated the massive Goliath as a boy, and the current king, Saul, grew jealous and tried many times to kill David. David avoided them all and, on Saul’s death, took the throne.

Looking for a base of operations, David spotted the fort of Zion. The Jebusite refused to allow him in, and David invaded the fort by sneaking into the sewer systems. Then as a city grew around the fort, that city was called the City of David. The fort was moved to another hill, and in time a temple was built on the original location. The name Zion then referred to the temple. It was in this temple that the Ark of the Covenant, which David guarded, was kept.

Who is the behind NEO?

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Neo in real life is Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves is born on September 2, 1964 at Beirut, Lebanon. His parents are Patricia Taylor which is a costume stylish and an entertainer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. which is a geologist. Reeve’s mother is pure English while his father is a Hawaiian-Chinese descent. Reeves is named after his uncle, Henry Keanu Reeves. Keanu is a Hawaiian word which means when translated into English, “cool breeze over the mountain”. Keanu began his career at nine years old by appearing on stage at a production of Damn Yankees, at 15 years old he started to play a big role like Mercution on a stage play Romeo and Juliet at Leah Posluns Theater. And on 1999 he played a big role in the trilogy action film of The matrix which solidified his place as an international superstar.

Interpreting Persephone in Matrix

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The ancient mythology regarding Persephone is similar to Neo’s taking of red pills. The fact that Persephone, a beautiful daughter of two gods, agreed to be together with a god of evil Hades means that she had taken a risk of living in darkness with a man all her life. The only escape that her mother Demeter had given her was the temporary freedom from darkness.

Neo becomes no different from this ancient character for he takes the red pills without ceasing although he knew that it won’t bring about any good to him. Like Persephone, he had been drawn to darkness and he can only escape from the addiction temporarily.

Matrix Production Team Part II

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Did you know that the rooftop set that was used on the scene where Trinity escaped from Agent Jones early in the film was actually a left over from the production of Dark City? It has been remarked due to the similarities in the theme of the films.

One filmed scene and some short pieces of actions were not included in the final cut and were never published.

The Wachowski Brothers wanted to make sure that all involved in the production understood the thematic background of the movie.

The Principal cast and crew were required to read the book Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard, a French Philosopher.

Enter The Matrix

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Enter the Matrix is the first licensed game based on The Matrix movie series and is an essential part of the plot of the overall Matrix story. As a player you’ll get to enter the Matrix itself and experience the martial arts and gunplay, which is a trademark of the movie. Besides the hand to hand combat and gun fighting, you also get to drive Niobe’s car from The Matrix Reloaded, pilot the fastest hovercraft the Logos, visit the Oracle, hack into your computer, and battle Agents. The game isn’t merely set in the Matrix universe. Rather, it’s a whole new aspect of the Matrix experience set in between the first and second installments in the trilogy. Whenever Niobe and Ghost go off the screen in The Matrix Reloaded, they’re probably handling a mission in Enter the Matrix.