Symbolism: Sunglasses

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Eyes are said to be the window of the soul, and often reveals what lies in a person’s heart and mind. Open eyes symbolize perception, truth, and knowledge, whereas closed eyes stand for innocence, ignorance, and denial. Thus, when the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar enter the Matrix wearing sunglasses, this also represents sleeping while being in the Matrix. When the crew gets plugged into the Matrix they close their eyes, and their eyes are covered by sunglasses while in the Matrix. Notice how the “good guys” (Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and the rest of the crew) wear oval-shaped sunglasses while the agents and Cypher wore rectangular shaped frames.

Matrix Movie Trivias Part II

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• During the combat training before Keanu Reeves starts with his fight attacks on Morpheus, he made a similar mannerism of Bruce Lee where he rubs his nose with his thumb and finger. He did this before he attacks his opponents. Keannu Reeves improvised the popular move.
• Did you know that the guns for Keannu Reeves in the lobby sequence and the elevator sequence were actually lightweight weapons? John Bowring, the weapon provider revealed this. The team made a very good cast of MP5K that is only weighs 150-200 grams. They want Keanu to easily carry them without thinking much about the weight.

So Many Lessons

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There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path” Morpheus


There are just so many quotes a person can get from this movie that go beyond the movie. It is amazing. Take a look at the quote in this post and see how applicable it is to today’s life. In the Philippines, elections for new senators, congressmen and women, councilors, mayors and governors has just concluded and the sentiment is that the people who were projected as winning, did win, for the good or not of the country. The current government is one that is trying to get rid of corruption so people globally are looking to see how this effort is progressing. It is too early to see but, in this case, the Matrix quote certainly applies. There are a lot of promising public servants gearing up to join the political fray. It is the fervent hope that they see and walk the path that is not corrupt.

Symbolism: Light

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Light symbolizes consciousness and the real world. Notice how the gun in the Nebuchadnezzar shoots out a beam of light that kills. Light or flashes of light also represents the awakening of the mind to the real world; this is why, from Neo’s point of view, Trinity and Morpheus are surrounded by a misty light when he first saw them in the “real” world.

Light also symbolizes wisdom and truth. It also symbolizes divine energy and spiritual power, like when Neo dove into the agent and exploded into a ball of light.

In the Matrix, most of the light appears as shadows or beams that penetrate through the darkness, like flashlights or trucklights, which symbolizes truth trying to pierce through a false world and good fighting to overcome evil.

Matrix Production Team Part II

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Did you know that the rooftop set that was used on the scene where Trinity escaped from Agent Jones early in the film was actually a left over from the production of Dark City? It has been remarked due to the similarities in the theme of the films.

One filmed scene and some short pieces of actions were not included in the final cut and were never published.

The Wachowski Brothers wanted to make sure that all involved in the production understood the thematic background of the movie.

The Principal cast and crew were required to read the book Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard, a French Philosopher.

Matrix Production Team Part I

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Warner Bros. Studios and Australian Village Roadshow Pictures co-produced The Matrix. The scenes were filmed at the Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia and in the city itself. If you happen to notice, popular landmarks were excluded to be able to maintain the setting of a generic American City. On the other hand, tourism spots such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, AWA Tower, Martin Place and Commonwealth Bank Branches are visible in some shots. The Subtle nods were included to Chicago, Illinois, the home city of the directors, through place names, city maps, and a subtly placed picture of the Sears Tower.

The True Matrix

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matrixThe film may have been fictional but the reality is that the beginnings of a Matrix like world where technology has turned against us, it’s creators is already in play. Much like the plot of the Terminator series of films, the Internet has begun to form the likes of the global defense network that went hay-wire causing havoc and turning the machines against its creators and masters. Such is the fear of some people of technology which has led to motion pictures on the same path, to show that we can only go so far and that there should be a limit to what we can do and change should we have the capability to do so. The internet is the ever-present beginnings of a neural net which connects all computers of this earth and the newly introduced cloud is the beginnings of the true matrix, where all information is located and stored for use by others, and if indeed we do get around to creating artificial intelligence that becomes better than us then the future may have been written.
The many films of technology being a greater evil is a true and ever present possibility for even now, there are certain aspects of the internet we cannot control or prevent. Spam, malware, bot-nets and many more threats from the internet have certain similarities to the features in the film. When man is a mere power source, like the batteries that operate our many gadgets and gizmos, for a polluted planet where the surface has become so toxic for humans to live in and where the machine thrives. Humans demoted to the underworld where certain factors prevent the machines from coming and taking over the whole world of the free. We are living in our very own real matrix, just in a different plane of time and space.

The Matrix Comics

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The Matrix Comics is a graphic novel collection of twelve online comics that were published on the official Matrix movie website. Although you can still read the comics on the Internet, the Wachowski brothers responded to the consumer demand for a printed hard copy. The twelve stories in the volume are selected from each of the comic series published online. Imagine having chosen the blue pill instead of the red and regretting this decision, or having to your life repeatedly rewound several years back while the robots try to get it right, or watch your art come alive and kill your patrons. These are some of the powerful storylines in the Matrix mythos that you can find in this volume.

Interpreting Persephone in Matrix

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By: MJ

The ancient mythology regarding Persephone is similar to Neo’s taking of red pills. The fact that Persephone, a beautiful daughter of two gods, agreed to be together with a god of evil Hades means that she had taken a risk of living in darkness with a man all her life. The only escape that her mother Demeter had given her was the temporary freedom from darkness.

Neo becomes no different from this ancient character for he takes the red pills without ceasing although he knew that it won’t bring about any good to him. Like Persephone, he had been drawn to darkness and he can only escape from the addiction temporarily.

Did You Know? Matrix Movie Trivias I

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• The Part of Neo was originally offered to Ewan McGregor. Titanic Star Leonardo DiCaprio was also considered for the Matrix lead role.

• Actor/Rap star Will Smith admitted in an interview with Wired Magazine that he was not smart enough as an actor when he turned down the offer to play the role of Neo.

• From October 1997 to March 1998, the main actors spent four months to familiarize themselves and study martial arts with experts to learn the fight moves. The actors actually though that it will only take them a few weeks. The training took place before the filming of the movie.