Matrix Plot (Part 2 of 6)

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It’s 2199 and humanity is fighting against machines that were created in the early 21st century. Thick black clouds conquered the sky due to the attempt by humans to cut off the supply of solar power. The machines used human beings as their energy source. People in pods are used to absorb bioelectrical energy and body heat. 1999 is the world which Neo inhabited and he is now living in an illusory stimulated reality construct due to the birth of the Matrix. The group of Morpheus can unplug others from the matrix and include them in their team against the machines. According to Morpheus, Neo is “The One” that was predicted to end the war between the humans and machines through his limitless control over the Matrix.

Who Will Forget Agent Smith?

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Agent Smith is the one person, or should I say, AI, I have come to hate in the entire Matrix film series. And in saying this, you can think of it as a compliment. Hugo Weaving is one great actor.
Neo and Agent Smith’s cat and mouse struggle turned out to be the main conflict in the events of the Matrix. Smith, obviously is the antagonist. Agent Smith is an Agent, he or it is an AI program in

the “Matrix” designed to monitor and maintain the whole system by ridding it of threats from programs and avatars that can bring chaos to its simulated reality. Agnet Smith has the capability of

bending the rules of the Matrix like for example gravity and the human body’s limitations. Agent Smith carried with him as his primary weapon, the high caliber Desert Eagle .44 Magnum.

Matrix Plot (Part 6 of 6)

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It was at that moment when Neo finally saw the Matrix as it really is. It is composed of lines of streaming green code. He was finally declared as “the One“. Agent Smith attempted to attack him physically for the last time, but the punches were effortlessly blocked and he was destroyed by Neo. The two other agents flew away and Neo returned to the real world just in time when the ship’s EMP weapon to destroy the Sentinels had already breached the hull of the shift. There was a short epilogue that shows Neo back in the Matrix making calls promising that he will demonstrate to the people that were imprisoned in the Matrix that “anything is possible“.

Symbolism: Light

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Light symbolizes consciousness and the real world. Notice how the gun in the Nebuchadnezzar shoots out a beam of light that kills. Light or flashes of light also represents the awakening of the mind to the real world; this is why, from Neo’s point of view, Trinity and Morpheus are surrounded by a misty light when he first saw them in the “real” world.

Light also symbolizes wisdom and truth. It also symbolizes divine energy and spiritual power, like when Neo dove into the agent and exploded into a ball of light.

In the Matrix, most of the light appears as shadows or beams that penetrate through the darkness, like flashlights or trucklights, which symbolizes truth trying to pierce through a false world and good fighting to overcome evil.

Religion and the Matrix

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Who can’t forget the matrix? It is a well known movie not only where it was portrayed by the best local Hollywood artists, but it is a hit all over the globe. It is an American-Australian science fiction film with a lead role name Neo and portrayed by one of the best Hollywood actors, Keanu Reeves. It is so famous that it made its way in the world of gaming, souvenir items, the local department store stands and the list goes on. However, the movie may be a hit but it left a lot of questions and eventually became a controversial topic for a lot of people. The movie has a lot of questionable scenes and has an effect on the religious view, since it is evident that the movie used religious views or tradition of Christianity. The movie used or referred its story from the bible but it does not mean that their story is applicable or similar from the origin.

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Matrix: One of the 90′s Hit Movies

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Matrix is the movie that a lot the of 90’s kids will not forget. It is one of the most well liked high tech fiction movies that captured the minds of many. It is a widely loved film around the globe and made a mark in history.  It is so popular that even if you do a guessing game in a Thais school, kids in that Thais classes who were born in the nineties will easily guess it.

People dig it from Keanu’s famous Matrix moves, bending the body backwards and avoiding bullets to hit him, to the adventures he had in that movie. It was a mind blowing movie in 1999 as technology has only been starting to improve that time. The movie started to gain fans, both boys and girls, young and old, Matrix truly had an impact to many. The following are few interesting Matrix trivia that you may want t o know.

Trinity, the main cast in the movie had the same weapon as the agents called Desert Eagle. There was scene where Neo had to go to a place, the plate number in that scene had a verse , Mark III no. 11. There are also hidden things in every scene like the name Kym will be noticed. That name is actually the costume designer of the movie


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The Matrix Reloaded – City of Zion

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First, the movie. In the Matrix series, Zion is mentioned in the first movie and actually visited in the second. It is where all humans that have been rescued from the Matrix “battery system” go to live. It is a sacred location that they protect fiercely, with thick walls, battlements and guns. In the Matrix Reloaded it is the subject of an all-out attack by the machines.

Now, the “real” Zion. Zion is a section of Jerusalem which held a fort run by the Jebusite. The fort was in the southeast area of Jerusalem. The Jebusite had no desire to turn this over to the incoming Jews who were leaving Egypt.

Second Lesson from ‘The Matrix’

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In line with the exercise of taking life lessons from the movie “The Matrix’, let’s take a look at lesson number two. This lesson can be taken from an overall theme of the movie: some things may not be as they appear or some things are more complex than at first glance.

Life is a funny thing. You can do your best to prepare for eventualities. if you are the kind of person fondly refereed to as a ‘control freak’, this is a normal exercise. You will soon find though that there is just no way to prepare for everything. Sometimes you think you have it all figured out when in fact the reality is something else entirely. You thought you were ok in your understanding but, upon exposure, you realize that what really is is so much bigger and better.

The lesson here is to never take things at first glance because sometimes they are so much more.

Synopsis of the Movie

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Keanu Reeves, playing the part of Neo or Mr. Anderson, lives in a world where everyone dreams of a world manipulated by computers. He one day “hacks” inside the dream world and saves a man from the clutches of the “agents” who prevent real people from intervening in the computer-generated world.

Reeves gradually discover that these “agents” are capable of making “hackers” into one of them or kill them in the dream world. But being killed in the dream world only meant dying in reality because the manipulated mind of the dreamer would believe that he has died and therefore his body follows the belief of the mind.

After a while, Neo finds himself as the “one” to stop all the deceit of the dream world. He looks for the key master and kills the “agents.” The story ends as Reeves continues to fight off the evil as a real human being in a dream world.

Influences That Made Matrix

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The Matrix movie had a lot of background influence from previous history, theories, religions, mythology, and the likes. Here are some of them as enumerated:
a.) Judaism
b.) Messianism
c.) Buddhism
d.) Gnosticism
e.) Christianity
f.) Existentialism
g.) Nihilism
h.) Vedanta
i.) Advaita Hinduism
j.) Yoga Vashishta Hinduism
k.) Sikhism and the Tarot
l.) Plato’s Allegory of the cave
m.) Edwin Abbott Abbott’s Flatland
n.) René Descartes’s evil genius
o.) Kant’s reflections on the Phenomenon versus the Ding an sich and the brain in a vat thought experiment
p.) Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation
q.) cyberpunk works such as Neuromancer by William Gibson