Who is the behind NEO?

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Neo in real life is Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves is born on September 2, 1964 at Beirut, Lebanon. His parents are Patricia Taylor which is a costume stylish and an entertainer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. which is a geologist. Reeve’s mother is pure English while his father is a Hawaiian-Chinese descent. Reeves is named after his uncle, Henry Keanu Reeves. Keanu is a Hawaiian word which means when translated into English, “cool breeze over the mountain”. Keanu began his career at nine years old by appearing on stage at a production of Damn Yankees, at 15 years old he started to play a big role like Mercution on a stage play Romeo and Juliet at Leah Posluns Theater. And on 1999 he played a big role in the trilogy action film of The matrix which solidified his place as an international superstar.

The Matrix Online Game

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The Matrix Online (MxO) is a multiplayer online game developed by Monolith Productions. The game features the set of the fictional universe of The Matrix Movies and continues the story based on The Matrix Series. In June 2004, the game had its beta testing and gave special closed beta test for the pre-orders that began in November 2004. In the United States of America, Warner Bros. and Sega officially released The Matrix Online game on March 22, 2005. In Europe, it was released in April 15, 2005. The online game was later released in other continents like Asia and Australia.

Interpretations of the Movie

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The movie itself had been said to have many different interpretations. One of them is that of the “Postmodern” thought. It is an allegory defining the possible result of a media-crazy, modern world. It emphasizes the movie’s storyline of a computerized world.

Another interpretation is that of a French artist, psychoanalyst, and feminist theorist namely Bracha L. Ettinger. Some of her principles have been in debates:

a.) psychoanalysis
b.) postmodernism
c.) feminist theory
d.) gaze
e.) aesthetics
Lastly, it had been said to have been inspired from different films like Japan’s Ghost in the Shell, Strange Days, Dark City, The Truman Show, Grant Morrison’s comic series The Invisibles, Doctor Who, and The Deadly Assassin.

Matrix Revolutions

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Some more trivia on the film which was the end of the trilogy for man and machine are nearing their peak of power and any resolution of their differences should be done now or else the cycle begins again. The film was simultaneously released on November 5 at exactly 6 A.M. in Los Angeles, 9 A.M. in New York, 5 P.M. in Moscow, 11 P.M. Tokyo,1 A.M. in Sydney, 2 P.M. in London and in 50 other countries spread across the globe during the exact same time. One of the most complicated rigs in movie history was the rain-maker which took two months to complete just to create the perfect raindrops that could be edited and viewed. The slow-motion capture system was also ground-breaking that allowed time to freeze using a combination of high-speed photography and multiple cameras to capture a single sequence.
There was also a problem with the character of the Oracle for the initial character played by Gloria Foster had to be transitioned between shots of her and Mary Alice who replaced her after her death after the first film. This resulted in an effect that was seen by the characters but seemingly didn’t notice to show that change was on its way and coming to the Matrix.

Life Lesson # 3

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So one does not have to dissect the Matrix movies or to look at each and every line in order to get a life lesson from it. One of the main story lines throughout the three movies can serve as out life lesson # 3. And this is that Love is Important, possibly the meaning of life itself. Neo’s relationship with Trinity from beginning to end and the importance of this event in Neo’s life fully supports this.

As we pass through our lives, we will no doubt gather experiences, meet new people, create and recreate goals and dreams but it cannot be denied that there is one thing that every person strives for whether they know it consciously or not, and that is the pursuit of love and happiness. Once a person has this, it is interesting to see how and what he or she will give up for it. So it is not hard to understand this third life lesson nor is it hard to accept that, indeed, love is the root of life.

Themes: Going Upwards

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Dreaming of going upward is a symbol of a desire for a spiritual perspective. It can also mean that something wants to rise up from your unconscious and go into your conscious mind. In the Matrix movie, this means that the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar are always trying to escape the agents or the unconscious of the Matrix and wake up.

The upward movement is repeated all throughout the movie. Neo and Morpheus take an elevator ride up to see the Oracle. When escaping from the agents at the Lafayette Hotel, the crew runs up the stairs to the eighth floor. At the end of the movie, Neo flies up in the air.

Matrix Plot (Part 2 of 6)

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It’s 2199 and humanity is fighting against machines that were created in the early 21st century. Thick black clouds conquered the sky due to the attempt by humans to cut off the supply of solar power. The machines used human beings as their energy source. People in pods are used to absorb bioelectrical energy and body heat. 1999 is the world which Neo inhabited and he is now living in an illusory stimulated reality construct due to the birth of the Matrix. The group of Morpheus can unplug others from the matrix and include them in their team against the machines. According to Morpheus, Neo is “The One” that was predicted to end the war between the humans and machines through his limitless control over the Matrix.

Path of Neo

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The Matrix: Path of Neo is the second The Matrix video game to be released and is a collaboration between the Wachowski brothers and Atari. This is the only game that allows you to play Neo and relive his best moments from all three films. You’ll be encountering familiar characters like Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith, and view re-edited scenes from all three movies and the Animatrix. Path of Neo is also considered to be Enter the Matrix’s “unofficial” sequel because it was made by the same developer, Shiny Entertainment. But that’s where the similarity ends. Path of Neo has a whole new engine, point of view, main character, and an entirely different focus done by the game’s developer. It’s more interactive and received more positive reviews from gamers than its predecessor.


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マトリックス三部作は「弾丸時間」(Bullet time)と言われる視覚効果を一般化したことで有名だ。 これは観客が一瞬の時間をスローモーションで捉えながら、カメラは被写体を中心に普通の速度で一周しているように見せる技術だ。 この効果を得られるとされている一つの手法はハイスピードカメラをレール上に固定し、ロケットを使用してこのアクションが起こっている時にそれを捉えるという手法だ。 この手法はカメラが壊される事と、第一に制御不可能である事から実行不可能とされた。 後で場面を再現するために昔写真を撮るときに使われていた手法を使用された。 それは一般的に知られている「時間割写真」(time-slice photography)だった。 この手法は静止画を撮るカメラが数台、被写体の周りに設置され、同時にシャッターを押してアクションを捉える。 結果として、観客はそのアクションの二次元的なスライス効果を見ることとなるのだ。

Symbolism: Sunglasses

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Eyes are said to be the window of the soul, and often reveals what lies in a person’s heart and mind. Open eyes symbolize perception, truth, and knowledge, whereas closed eyes stand for innocence, ignorance, and denial. Thus, when the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar enter the Matrix wearing sunglasses, this also represents sleeping while being in the Matrix. When the crew gets plugged into the Matrix they close their eyes, and their eyes are covered by sunglasses while in the Matrix. Notice how the “good guys” (Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and the rest of the crew) wear oval-shaped sunglasses while the agents and Cypher wore rectangular shaped frames.