Life Lesson # 3

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So one does not have to dissect the Matrix movies or to look at each and every line in order to get a life lesson from it. One of the main story lines throughout the three movies can serve as out life lesson # 3. And this is that Love is Important, possibly the meaning of life itself. Neo’s relationship with Trinity from beginning to end and the importance of this event in Neo’s life fully supports this.

As we pass through our lives, we will no doubt gather experiences, meet new people, create and recreate goals and dreams but it cannot be denied that there is one thing that every person strives for whether they know it consciously or not, and that is the pursuit of love and happiness. Once a person has this, it is interesting to see how and what he or she will give up for it. So it is not hard to understand this third life lesson nor is it hard to accept that, indeed, love is the root of life.


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マトリックス三部作は「弾丸時間」(Bullet time)と言われる視覚効果を一般化したことで有名だ。 これは観客が一瞬の時間をスローモーションで捉えながら、カメラは被写体を中心に普通の速度で一周しているように見せる技術だ。 この効果を得られるとされている一つの手法はハイスピードカメラをレール上に固定し、ロケットを使用してこのアクションが起こっている時にそれを捉えるという手法だ。 この手法はカメラが壊される事と、第一に制御不可能である事から実行不可能とされた。 後で場面を再現するために昔写真を撮るときに使われていた手法を使用された。 それは一般的に知られている「時間割写真」(time-slice photography)だった。 この手法は静止画を撮るカメラが数台、被写体の周りに設置され、同時にシャッターを押してアクションを捉える。 結果として、観客はそのアクションの二次元的なスライス効果を見ることとなるのだ。

Bullet-Time Effects: Explained

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The Matrix trilogy is known for popularizing the use of a visual effect known as “bullet time”. It allows the viewer to explore a moment, progressing in slow-motion as the camera appears to circle around the scene at normal speed. One technique supposedly planned to create those effects involved mounting a high speed camera along a fixed track, using a rocket to capture the action while it happened. It was soon considered to be unfeasible due to the fact that the camera wil surely be destroyed and it will be uncontrollable in the first place. An old photography technique was later used to catch the scene. It is what we commonly know as time-slice photography. It involves a number of still-image cameras placed around an object and simultaneously triggered to capture the action. As a result, the viewers see a two-dimensional slice effect of the captured scene.

Enter The Matrix

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Enter the Matrix is the first licensed game based on The Matrix movie series and is an essential part of the plot of the overall Matrix story. As a player you’ll get to enter the Matrix itself and experience the martial arts and gunplay, which is a trademark of the movie. Besides the hand to hand combat and gun fighting, you also get to drive Niobe’s car from The Matrix Reloaded, pilot the fastest hovercraft the Logos, visit the Oracle, hack into your computer, and battle Agents. The game isn’t merely set in the Matrix universe. Rather, it’s a whole new aspect of the Matrix experience set in between the first and second installments in the trilogy. Whenever Niobe and Ghost go off the screen in The Matrix Reloaded, they’re probably handling a mission in Enter the Matrix.

The Matrix Reloaded – Persephone

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First, the movie Persephone. Played by Monica Bellucci, Persephone is the wife of Merovingian. Neo and crew are told by the Oracle to talk with Merovingian because he holds the “Keymaster” – and the Keymaster is who they need to open a special door to get the answers they need. He opens a gateway to new knowledge.

Merovingian refuses to give up the Keymaster, and talks to them about choice and lack of choice. He demonstrates that he gave a gorgeous woman some food to make her super-horny, and that she has no choice about her feeling this way. He then of course proceeds to go and “take advantage” of her in this state. Persephone has had enough at this point, and tells Neo that she will give him the Keymaster – in return for a REAL kiss. Neo is unsure but agrees to do it.

Matrix Plot (Part 2 of 6)

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It’s 2199 and humanity is fighting against machines that were created in the early 21st century. Thick black clouds conquered the sky due to the attempt by humans to cut off the supply of solar power. The machines used human beings as their energy source. People in pods are used to absorb bioelectrical energy and body heat. 1999 is the world which Neo inhabited and he is now living in an illusory stimulated reality construct due to the birth of the Matrix. The group of Morpheus can unplug others from the matrix and include them in their team against the machines. According to Morpheus, Neo is “The One” that was predicted to end the war between the humans and machines through his limitless control over the Matrix.

Who Will Forget Agent Smith?

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Agent Smith is the one person, or should I say, AI, I have come to hate in the entire Matrix film series. And in saying this, you can think of it as a compliment. Hugo Weaving is one great actor.
Neo and Agent Smith’s cat and mouse struggle turned out to be the main conflict in the events of the Matrix. Smith, obviously is the antagonist. Agent Smith is an Agent, he or it is an AI program in

the “Matrix” designed to monitor and maintain the whole system by ridding it of threats from programs and avatars that can bring chaos to its simulated reality. Agnet Smith has the capability of

bending the rules of the Matrix like for example gravity and the human body’s limitations. Agent Smith carried with him as his primary weapon, the high caliber Desert Eagle .44 Magnum.

Matrix Plot (Part 6 of 6)

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It was at that moment when Neo finally saw the Matrix as it really is. It is composed of lines of streaming green code. He was finally declared as “the One“. Agent Smith attempted to attack him physically for the last time, but the punches were effortlessly blocked and he was destroyed by Neo. The two other agents flew away and Neo returned to the real world just in time when the ship’s EMP weapon to destroy the Sentinels had already breached the hull of the shift. There was a short epilogue that shows Neo back in the Matrix making calls promising that he will demonstrate to the people that were imprisoned in the Matrix that “anything is possible“.

Symbolism: Light

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Light symbolizes consciousness and the real world. Notice how the gun in the Nebuchadnezzar shoots out a beam of light that kills. Light or flashes of light also represents the awakening of the mind to the real world; this is why, from Neo’s point of view, Trinity and Morpheus are surrounded by a misty light when he first saw them in the “real” world.

Light also symbolizes wisdom and truth. It also symbolizes divine energy and spiritual power, like when Neo dove into the agent and exploded into a ball of light.

In the Matrix, most of the light appears as shadows or beams that penetrate through the darkness, like flashlights or trucklights, which symbolizes truth trying to pierce through a false world and good fighting to overcome evil.

Religion and the Matrix

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Who can’t forget the matrix? It is a well known movie not only where it was portrayed by the best local Hollywood artists, but it is a hit all over the globe. It is an American-Australian science fiction film with a lead role name Neo and portrayed by one of the best Hollywood actors, Keanu Reeves. It is so famous that it made its way in the world of gaming, souvenir items, the local department store stands and the list goes on. However, the movie may be a hit but it left a lot of questions and eventually became a controversial topic for a lot of people. The movie has a lot of questionable scenes and has an effect on the religious view, since it is evident that the movie used religious views or tradition of Christianity. The movie used or referred its story from the bible but it does not mean that their story is applicable or similar from the origin.

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