Enter The Matrix

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Enter the Matrix is the first licensed game based on The Matrix movie series and is an essential part of the plot of the overall Matrix story. As a player you’ll get to enter the Matrix itself and experience the martial arts and gunplay, which is a trademark of the movie. Besides the hand to hand combat and gun fighting, you also get to drive Niobe’s car from The Matrix Reloaded, pilot the fastest hovercraft the Logos, visit the Oracle, hack into your computer, and battle Agents. The game isn’t merely set in the Matrix universe. Rather, it’s a whole new aspect of the Matrix experience set in between the first and second installments in the trilogy. Whenever Niobe and Ghost go off the screen in The Matrix Reloaded, they’re probably handling a mission in Enter the Matrix.

The Matrix Comics

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The Matrix Comics is a graphic novel collection of twelve online comics that were published on the official Matrix movie website. Although you can still read the comics on the Internet, the Wachowski brothers responded to the consumer demand for a printed hard copy. The twelve stories in the volume are selected from each of the comic series published online. Imagine having chosen the blue pill instead of the red and regretting this decision, or having to your life repeatedly rewound several years back while the robots try to get it right, or watch your art come alive and kill your patrons. These are some of the powerful storylines in the Matrix mythos that you can find in this volume.

Ancient Mythology and Matrix

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The Matrix Movie had been interpreted through the ancient mythology of Persephone. The myth is about a beautiful lady loved by everyone- Persephone. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Because of her beauty, even Hades had been captivated. Hades, then, asked consent from her parents but only Zeus agreed. Zeus took her to his “hell” and made her his queen despite of Demeter’s refusal.

Demeter went to get Persephone back from Hades and he agreed. But the problem was that the pomegranate seeds were already eaten by her. This caused a dilemma for them but both had agreed to take Persephone on different seasons instead. During winter, Hades is to stay with her. While in the summer, she is to be taken back to her mother.

Awards and Nominations

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The Matrix movie received Oscar Awards on the following areas:

a.) Film Editing
b.) Sound Effects Editing
c.) Visual Effects
d.) Sound

The Matrix also became the first ever movie that received the Academy Awards for Visual Effects against the Star Wars series (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace). It won the 1999 Saturn Awards for Best Science Fiction Film and Best Direction. Moreover, it had received awards for Best Sound and Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects. Other than that, it had also been nominated for an award in the following categories:

a.) cinematography
b.) production design
c.) editing categories

Bullet-Time Effects: Explained

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The Matrix trilogy is known for popularizing the use of a visual effect known as “bullet time”. It allows the viewer to explore a moment, progressing in slow-motion as the camera appears to circle around the scene at normal speed. One technique supposedly planned to create those effects involved mounting a high speed camera along a fixed track, using a rocket to capture the action while it happened. It was soon considered to be unfeasible due to the fact that the camera wil surely be destroyed and it will be uncontrollable in the first place. An old photography technique was later used to catch the scene. It is what we commonly know as time-slice photography. It involves a number of still-image cameras placed around an object and simultaneously triggered to capture the action. As a result, the viewers see a two-dimensional slice effect of the captured scene.

Religion and the Matrix

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Who can’t forget the matrix? It is a well known movie not only where it was portrayed by the best local Hollywood artists, but it is a hit all over the globe. It is an American-Australian science fiction film with a lead role name Neo and portrayed by one of the best Hollywood actors, Keanu Reeves. It is so famous that it made its way in the world of gaming, souvenir items, the local department store stands and the list goes on. However, the movie may be a hit but it left a lot of questions and eventually became a controversial topic for a lot of people. The movie has a lot of questionable scenes and has an effect on the religious view, since it is evident that the movie used religious views or tradition of Christianity. The movie used or referred its story from the bible but it does not mean that their story is applicable or similar from the origin.

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So Many Lessons

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There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path” Morpheus


There are just so many quotes a person can get from this movie that go beyond the movie. It is amazing. Take a look at the quote in this post and see how applicable it is to today’s life. In the Philippines, elections for new senators, congressmen and women, councilors, mayors and governors has just concluded and the sentiment is that the people who were projected as winning, did win, for the good or not of the country. The current government is one that is trying to get rid of corruption so people globally are looking to see how this effort is progressing. It is too early to see but, in this case, the Matrix quote certainly applies. There are a lot of promising public servants gearing up to join the political fray. It is the fervent hope that they see and walk the path that is not corrupt.

The Path You Choose

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“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Morpheus

This is a great quote from the first Matrix movie and fantastic to apply to real life. After all, isn’t it true? As we go through each hour, every day, week, month, etc. we make choices that will create and becoming what we can call the tapestry that is our life. So of course, in looking at our life, we examine the choices we have made and try to see if these are in according with the way we want to live our lives.

No one knows for sure what he or she is meant for in life. Some are fortunate enough to have a clear idea of who they want to be and how to get there. Others are a little more confused a little longer. It is in this quest to discover the meaning of one’s life the one tries to identify his or her path. And it is in this effort that one derives pain and joy.

Life Lesson # 3

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So one does not have to dissect the Matrix movies or to look at each and every line in order to get a life lesson from it. One of the main story lines throughout the three movies can serve as out life lesson # 3. And this is that Love is Important, possibly the meaning of life itself. Neo’s relationship with Trinity from beginning to end and the importance of this event in Neo’s life fully supports this.

As we pass through our lives, we will no doubt gather experiences, meet new people, create and recreate goals and dreams but it cannot be denied that there is one thing that every person strives for whether they know it consciously or not, and that is the pursuit of love and happiness. Once a person has this, it is interesting to see how and what he or she will give up for it. So it is not hard to understand this third life lesson nor is it hard to accept that, indeed, love is the root of life.

Matrix: One of the 90′s Hit Movies

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Matrix is the movie that a lot the of 90’s kids will not forget. It is one of the most well liked high tech fiction movies that captured the minds of many. It is a widely loved film around the globe and made a mark in history.  It is so popular that even if you do a guessing game in a Thais school, kids in that Thais classes who were born in the nineties will easily guess it.

People dig it from Keanu’s famous Matrix moves, bending the body backwards and avoiding bullets to hit him, to the adventures he had in that movie. It was a mind blowing movie in 1999 as technology has only been starting to improve that time. The movie started to gain fans, both boys and girls, young and old, Matrix truly had an impact to many. The following are few interesting Matrix trivia that you may want t o know.

Trinity, the main cast in the movie had the same weapon as the agents called Desert Eagle. There was scene where Neo had to go to a place, the plate number in that scene had a verse , Mark III no. 11. There are also hidden things in every scene like the name Kym will be noticed. That name is actually the costume designer of the movie


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